A New Direction.

Why is it that studying for things just seems to zap every ounce of fun out of life? Well maybe I’m being a little be extreme there. But thats my excuse. It’s not really that I haven’t had the time to carry on Blogging away in life, its more that when you sit down at your computer, mainly to study but ultimately to procrastinate, a huge cloud of “You shouldn’t be doing this right now, get back to work” swoops in and lingers over you. Well most of the time. And that is pretty much how it has felt over the past few months.

But here I am now. Really really trying hard to procrastinate as best possible to avoid doing anything let alone some studying. My flatmate turned to Euro Millions during this dark Dissertation time of her life, I on the other hand have turned to excessive beauty product purchasing. I’ve become an enabler to one of my close friends, encouraging her into the habit, introducing her to things on Boots & Superdrug websites that neither of us really NEED but end up really really wanting. And in turn, breaks from the Library have become Boots trips.

So I decided to put my new found skill (If I call it this it makes in except able right?) to use and upload some of my findings from my research over the past few months…

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Dec 16/17 – Almost too tired to blog

Im sorry. This weekend and week for that matter has been long, boring and stressful. I can’t even contain my excitement to go home on Thursday. I have been planning what I’m going to pack and wondering when is an appropriate time to start packing. Alexander will tell you at least 5minutes before your planned time of departure.

Anyway today was a pretty chilled out day. I spelt until 12. Yes thats right. I didn’t even stir in my slumbers until about 10.30am so I take that as proof that I needed the sleep. After having returned a bunch of purchases I made the other day due to the fact I realised I had absolutely no money left to buy Christmas presents, I made a quick nip into TK Maxx. Now i’ve probably only ever been into this store 3 times in my life, and two of those where into the American equivalent TJ Maxx. Somewhere I do believe there is a picture of my wearing a pink childs baseball helmet whilst in the Newport, RI branch. Back to the story… I have found a myself a new little gem of an area known as the Home section of TK Maxx. Trying very hard not to spend all the money I just returned in H&M on random kitchen bits and bobs, I settled on a present for my mummy and then found an amazing selection of candles. Now something I probably complain about in my head most days is the major lack of a Bath & BodyWorks in this country. They do by far the best smelling candles ever. But they live 1000’s of miles away and not in the UK. My favourite, of which mine is swiftly running out is the Frosted Cupcake. Back to TK Maxx again… Now this story would end perfectly If I said I found B&BW candles but I didn’t, instead I found a random brand with the exact same smelling candle. Oh happy happy happiness. With no actual immediate need for a new one I went for the Macintosh Apple smelling one. Hmmmm. Thats the end of the story. I’m not sure how it ended up being so long and frankly now I think about it, really really boring.

See I told you this week and weekend had been boring.

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Dec 13/14 – When the going gets tough?

Sorry to be a let down yesterday on the blog front. I think the phrases go along the lines of when the going gets tough and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? I really feel like so far December is really testing my boundaries before I have a mild breakdown and just start crying! First being ill, then the phone situe, missing the whole last week of uni, the BT people not turning up when I stayed home a llll day on my own and then came today and an alarm sound that can only be described as the most horrible ringing sound ever.

I’m calling it “Character Building.” Well thats what they always use to say at school when something pushed you a little further out of your comfort zone than it should have!

Anyway on the upside, last night after 3 1/2 years and 3 Christmas’ I FINALLY made it to Winter Wonderland. After a day of lounging between my bed and the sofa the evening of Secret Santa finally arrived. Bundled up in as much knitwear I could find I skipped off for a merry evening of festiveness with the work pals. Some faux diamante glasses, a red cup, a banana later and some over priced Mulled Wine later my first taste of the winter wonderland that is Winter Wonderland was done.

Thats it really for the past few days. As of now I need some sleep to be up again at 6am tomorrow morning.  

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Dec 10 – Christmas Pooches

Isn’t it a little funny that Facebook has a Twitter account and Twitter has a Facebook page? Well I think so anyway.

After another long and not really stressful but just seriously long day at work its bed time. Im sorry this is short and not so sweet but tomorrow I have a day off sitting around waiting for proper broadband internet to be installed so will come up with something better to say. Until then some cute Christmas pooches.



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Dec 11 – 10 Days

After what has seemed like the longest day in the world at work I’m home, currently watching Heston on +1 and writing this before I attempt to get into bed for an early night to be up again at 6 and at work by 8am. Who ever said working in retail was easy?

I feel my time spent at work is really causing a lack of interest on this blog. Although there is no lack of retail christmas spirit in the air, my general Christmas spirt levels are not doing well. And to add to this I’m seriously missing being able to instagram my life on a daily bases. (Okay I admit that at might have been wrong when I said the other day I wouldn’t miss my phone if you took it away.)

Today i’ve been thinking of all the things I’m going to do at home this Christmas. Go for daily walks, wear my pyjamas till lunch, drink lots of tea, eat lots of… everything, bake all the time, burn christmas smelling candles, create a Christmas playlist, read some books, eat mexican food, watch christmas films daily, give lots of hugs, play christmas songs, sing christmas songs in the shower at the top of my lungs, make baked treats as for presents, wear fuzzy socks with everything, give more hugs, snuggle with Bear all day long, play board games with my brother, play Wii games with my brother, snuggle with Bear again, learn to make jewellery out of rope, participate in the Boxing Day Raffle, watch Breakfast at Tiffanys create a good Christmas day outfit, plan my NYE outfit, think up some resolutions… Basically I need to start writing my itinerary. 10 sleeps and counting until home time.



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Dec 10 – Folding

Isn’t it funny how you practice certain things in one place and not in an other? Take for instance the fact that I take great pride in my ability to fold numerous items to perfection at work, mainly jersey based products. But when it comes to keeping my own wardrobe and draws tidy that is another story. Anyway here is the accumulation of some of my hard *cough* work from this morning.


Imagine if your wardrobe looked this good all the time? It’s really never going to happen in my case, I’m a big pull everything out then shove it back in last minute kinda gal.

In other news I still have no idea what to get certain people for christmas…

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Dec 9 – HE WON!

Two years in a row now the person I wanted to win the X Factor actually won. In order to not bore many of the X Factor haters out there to death I’ll just say Congrats to James Arthur and move on… But James if you want to sing Lets Get It On to me.. I won’t stop you.

In true nearly weekly style I was joined today by my younger brother for a day of eating and watching TV on what will be our last X Factor Sunday. I feel a little like I’m letting you all down not having as many images of my current endeavours but after the incident on Wednesday my trust phone (Michelle the Cell) isn’t around to document my time.

Annnnyway today we made Risotto. Im becoming a bit obsessed with the stuff. today was a Bacon, Chicken and Soya Beans number. I think my culinary signature dish might actually be Risotto. I think Nigella would be proud of me. It’s that and Mac & Cheese and I’m pretty sure Nigella wouldn’t say no to that anyway.

So whats ahead this week? Term is up and now its full time work. Like full time full time… It’s going to be a looooong week. Oh and Elf was on today. Sometimes I think I might be part elf…

I’ll try to think of some Christmassy words for tomorrow.

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Day 8 – Long day in the office.

Sorry to bring a very unexciting post for today. It really was just a long day spent at work like one of those days where time seems to stand still at certain points. Normally between 25 past and half past the hour. But as previously mentions in December blog post numero uno working in a place of retail during the holiday season provides excellent levels of festive cheer and there is the added bonus that in addition to the ‘edgy’ (if you may) playlist that is normally blasting out the speakers, there are numerous numbers of Christmas tunes added in. So to add a little more festive cheer to your morning/day/evening/life here are a couple to get you started…

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Dec 7 – Silver Linings

I apologise in advance this should have gone up yesterday.

So it turns out there is light at the end of the tunnel, a silver lining or good Karma after the bad… Whatever you want to call it.

After two years and one placement year at my university, numerous shocking projects with misleading tutors, it seems when push comes to shove and with the fact that it is all down to this years work to make up my degree things might actually be looking up. My dissertation for those of you who don’t know is all about Pinterest. And well if you haven’t heard what Pinterest is you’ve been living under a massive rock. I won’t go into detail here but feel free to ask me if you need any extra info as I will be happy to dish it out to you. Anyway back to the silver lining, as I mentioned after a string of pretty shocking Tutors, might I just ad their Knowledge is second to none, the relevance to Fashion on the other hand is a tad if not very dubious, I have managed to get myself the bests Tutor of the lot. Friendly, approachable, fashionable and whats best she is currently doing a research project which she is presenting in New York next year on Pinterest! Coincidink?

So it seems there is going to be a Silver Lining to my degree after all. Well provided my motivation decides to wake up from hibernation.

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Dec 6 – Things in 3’s

I don’t know about you but I (and my mother) believe that bad things happen in 3’s and today my third thing happened. In the fluster of last night I set my radio alarm (no phone alarm lets not forget) and when it went off this morning much to my surprise I had set it an hour late and had 45 minutes until the start of my last lecture of term. Needless to say… I didn’t make it. So between being ill and having my phone stolen I have missed a whole week of class. So to make it up tomorrow I am going to the library.. Providing my alarm goes off.

Moving on. In an attempt to be a tad more festive I thought today I would “show & tell” a few of the festive culinary delights I have stumbled upon on Pinterest…








How cute are those Reindeer Marshmallow pop things?? I’ve made a mental not to attempt to make each of these when I go home. The last time I attempted to make tree decoration cookies everyone pretty much ate them before they made it to the tree…

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